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impressions, 3 hours
  • Petergof
impressions, 5 hours
  • Petergof
  • Peter and Paul's Fortress
  • St.Isaac's Cathedral
  • Saviour-on-the-Blood Church
  • St.Bazil Cathedral
  • Red Square
impressions, 3 hours

Travel reviews

Our cruise was very nice and we enjoyed it very much. We did not have the problem of the language, becuse everybody on the vessel was very nice with us. And,as you know, during the excursions we had the guide in english that you had arranged for us The monasteries were very nice,especially the woody one in the island of Kishi,that is really super. We had only 2 problems:The weather that was not so good,but really not very bad and allowed us to visit the islands and the fact that our camera stopped to work at Valaam and did not work anymore. But,of course, both problems are not due to your organization of the cruise! We have been really satisfied to had choisen you for our cruise and we will recommend your agency to all our friends. Thank you for all Franco and Milvia
Via Franco Bogani , Sep 28, 2012
Dear Natalia. I had a wonderfull experience of St.Petersburg along with your expert guide Olga. She was very well informed and cheerfull and kept the interest through the very long day. The Swan Lake ballet was also very good. I am glad I could make it. With thanks. Regards. Chris Dias
Via Chris Dias, Aug 13, 2012
It was very good - excellent service, friendly people, professional and forthcoming staff on the ship ! I am speking on behalf of all of us. Thanks again for your efforts. We all appreciate them ! Marian
Via Marian, Aug 13, 2012
We found Parallel 60 via Internet search and were a little concerned for going with a Russian company without an office in US. After few Skype and email communications, we decided to give it a try for our 2-day cruise stop in St. Petersburg. We were pleasantly surprised. Parallel 60 provided a wonderful travel experience for us, a group of 16 people. They are on time, extremely friendly, informative, and professional. We were able to go to all the key sites in a comfortably well-planned and timely manner and in a comfortable vehicle. The tour was exciting and interactive. The Russian style lunch they arranged for us as was wonderful. Our whole group (ages ranged from 10 to 65) was able to enjoy the majestic scenery St. Petersburg offers and learn about the diverse culture of the local people. It really was a memorable trip in St. Petersburg with the help from Parallel 60. We highly recommend Parallel 60.
Via Rae, Aug 10, 2012
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When you work with a travel agent, she does that legwork
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Multilingual support
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About parallel60

Since established, parallel 60 has been o ering Russian holiday tour packages to travelers, allowing them to enjoy hassle-free and well-organized trips. We complete tour packages with a comprehensive spectrum of travel services, including multilingual guide services and Visa support. Our expert travel agents and guides help you explore the beauty of Russian historical monuments, local places in Moscow and St Petersburg, river cruise travels and its splendid scenic beauty.

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